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Alaska Native Successful Aging

Over the past decade, we have been exploring successful aging in varying regions across Alaska. We have partnered with communities in the Norton Sound southern sub-region, Bristol Bay, Aleutian Pribilof Islands, and Anchorage, Alaska. We have dedicated a section of our website to this project that contains publications, posters, and other related documents.


ADRD Roadmap for the State of Alaska

Partnering with ME Rider Consulting and Champney Consulting to lead a team of professionals to update the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (ADRD) Roadmap for the State of Alaska.


Alaska Native Spiritual Foods and Reminiscence Therapy for Persons with Dementia

Partnering with the Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska to explore the use of spiritual foods (moose, salmon, beaver, berries, fish, and so on) along with discussion questions to elicit positive memories as a way to reduce behaviors that pose challenges for caregivers.

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